Business Process Management  
Business Process Management is one of the most exciting opportunities facing organizations that are seeking to automate manual processes, introduce process auditing, visibility, and control. CBG specializes in delivering automated, end-to-end BPM solutions that drive productivity. From BPM package selection to process re-engineering though implementation, CBG has the experience to help our clients transform their business.
  • CBG helps our clients automate manual process steps by implementing an end-to-end systemic workflow. By converting manual paper forms to digital documents, we reduce errors and increase throughput.

  • CBG brings extensive experience identifying the right BPM package for our clients. We remain vendor neutral to match the best technologies and available solutions to our clients' needs and environments.

  • Our Consultants specialize in process design and re-engineering to drive latency out of the process workflow. We help our clients map those processes to orchestrate an automated workflow in their BPM tool.

  • CBG helps our clients identify the Stage, Action, and Roles (SARS) for each workflow step, providing accountability and access control for individual processes.

  • CBG provides our clients with detailed reporting and complete visibility at every process step. This information brings increased productivity, quicker process step turnaround, and improved quality.

  • We work with clients to develop extensive metrics for measuring the health of and success of the programs we've implemented.

  • We develop balanced scorecards and participate in post-implementation financial reviews to compare project results with those projected as part of the Project Charter.

  • Visit our Case Study to read how we helped Delta Dental implement BPM to improve their New Customer Setup process.