Organizational Design & Methodology Project

Business Issue:

A major wireless provider was faced with the challenge of managing a high volume of critical projects requested by the Business and how to most effectively execute to meet schedule and budget commitments. In addition, their organization was growing and changing, which added to the complexity of meeting the business needs.  
CBG Delivers:  

CBG helped develop a repeatable process for handling business requests for projects to be delivered by the IT organization and a methodology to execute on these projects. In addition, CBG developed a tool and a process to assess the performance of their IT organization and make recommendations on its design so that it could effectively meet the immediate business needs, and grow and adapt as priorities change.

The company is able to better anticipate internal business requests and meet their objectives through the delivery of key projects and initiatives. The organization is positioned to more effectively and efficiently staff projects and can be proactive in their planning and execution of projects. Finally, they have a tool and process to continually assess and adapt their organization to meet the business needs.  
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