Advanced Technology Consulting and Go-to-Market Strategies

Business Issue:


As a result of a major bank transformation initiative, sweeping opportunities for change were identified by the bank's design, customer experience, and brand strategy team. The changes involved the initial customer experience, as well as the efficiency of operations in numerous departments within the bank, and a multitude of vendors providing services required in today’s banking environment.

CBG Delivers:  

CBG is providing technological input and oversight throughout the creative and design phases, ensuring compatibility and/or interoperability with existing infrastructure. As the Senior Technology Consulting Firm for this project, CBG is responsible for translating the creative direction provided by the bank's marketing strategy team into deliverable solutions, and ultimately managing the successful delivery of those solutions.

CBG is enhancing core IT infrastructure: We are working closely with Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel/Lenovo as core technology partners to deliver creative solutions, leveraging existing infrastructure investments and establishing a baseline for which the enterprise can continue to scale not only in size, but through additional features. Features being implemented included Cisco video chat between bank stores and back office experts, and integration with Microsoft's Virtual Earth product with a very large interactive Planar digital displays through touch enabled technologies. The significant computing power required for this project is being provided through a grant program by Intel and Lenovo demonstrating Intel’s latest enterprise management vProtm and Centrino vProtm technologies.

CBG is enhancing core Banking services: Banking capabilities are going enhanced through the implementation of a best of breed banking CRM system (360view by inBusiness) that will be used throughout the sales, marketing and contact center organizations.  The 360view product will provide to bank employees a dash-board view of a customer’s relationship with the bank as well other extended features, such as providing next product recommendations, lead/referral generation, and goal and incentives integration.

As part of our project role, CBG is responsible for all aspects of the technology implementation within concept bank branches featuring these new technology-rich customer focused features.

Virtually all technology components CBG designed were able to reduce complexity in the customer banking experience and also increased operational efficiency, reduced costs and enabled increased capacity for future growth. These elements were critical in the transformation to being a leader in next generation banking. CBG was able to employ technology solutions that enhance the “one-on-one” customer experience now and well into the future.

The unique and highly successful program that we have developed has allowed Umpqua Bank to evaluate advanced technologies from a number of top tier technology providers with only a modest investment.

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