Service Logistics Project

Business Issue:

Xerox was reviewing opportunities to improve service levels and coverage while reducing the overall cost of providing service for equipment in the field under warranty or service contract. They needed to both design and implement a program that addressed these needs.  
CBG Delivers:  

CBG provided strategic analysis to Xerox in the areas of procurement, distribution, reverse logistics and repair operations. Based on the resulting recommendations, CBG led a vendor selection process and filled the lead negotiator role in the establishment of a substantial contract for outsource distribution and technical services. CBG successfully managed five separate, yet related, projects, involving over 120 people, to establish a new physical distribution center and to open a state of the art repair center. Through testing and implementation of changes to Xerox's ERP, Financial and CRM applications as well as the integration of these systems to the systems of two new business partners, CBG managed significant changes to Xerox's business and systems processes.

The completion of this project allowed Xerox to improve their service coverage and service levels while also reducing their working capital requirements, inventory levels and overall cost of service. It also allowed them to aggressively recover service parts destined for land-fills and return them to the shelf for re-use.  
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